Why Choose Courtland Landscape?

Customer Service

The customer will always come first. We value flexibility and availability as a company so that the customer is confident in each step of the process and knows that we have their best interest first. From an initial on-site meeting to the final walk-through, the customer will know what progress has been made and what is to come.


At Courtland Landscape, we design by enhancing the existing landscape and adding value to a property. We start with a schematic plan of the land and use the client’s aspirations and our inspiration to draw up something gorgeous. Most materials we use are natural stones or custom hardscapes, while using plants picked by the client and filtered by the environmental conditions, season, and our professional knowledge.


Detail-oriented and determined, we strive to ensure that every aspect of the design is executed in a timely, budget-friendly, and precise manner. We work with the best subcontractors in Georgia to uphold the image we have created for each client. We are motivated by designing what inspires us and overseeing the construction that brings this inspiration to life, making it especially important that the quality of our work is superior.


Courtland Landscape provides reliable residential and commercial landscaping services in the Atlanta and metro area - How can we help?
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